How to find a perfect online personal trainer for you? These 3 tips are important

The first step to a healthier you is finding a reliable online personal trainer. It is difficult to find someone you will feel comfortable with and help you make the changes you want.

You should look for someone who has been in a similar position before and can give you advice on how to be healthier.

It is a big decision when you decide to meet with a trainer. Should you use a gym trainer or hire an online personal trainer? There are many opinions on what is the best choice.

By reading this post, you will find a perfect online personal trainer according to your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Online Personal Trainer?

Generally, working with a personal trainer allows you to have a customized fitness program according to your goals and requirements, and the same is true when you work with an online personal trainer.

How to find an online personal trainer

There are many ways that training with somebody online, in fact, is even far better than in face-to-face meetings. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an online personal trainer.

1. Ease of access

Along with being inexpensive than an offline fitness trainer, an online personal fitness trainer provides you the freedom to access your fully customized diet and workout plan wherever you go.

Your instructor can develop workouts for you to do anywhere with minimum or no equipment or personalized exercises that you can take into your local gym where you usually workout.

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2. Flexible interaction

If you hire a personal fitness trainer offline (fitness trainers in the gym), your trainer will only be available during the gym sessions or your one-hour appointment.

Unlike regular gym sessions, an online personal trainer will be available to talk to you most of the time. Suppose you choose an online personal trainer, Unlike a regular gym session.

In that case, you can receive health and fitness programs and communicate with your trainer on any social media platform and not be restricted by a set schedule and appointment time.

A flexible timetable and continuous interaction with the fitness trainer are essential for constructing long-lasting success with your health and fitness goals.

3. Progress Tracking

It is the most important aspect most people are not aware of. Many online personal trainers are connected to some specially designed personal training apps, and you can quickly track your health and fitness progress at your place. You need not travel long to meet your trainer.

4. Planning

Planning plays a crucial role in one’s health and fitness. Whether training online or in-person, it is mandatory to have a good fitness program according to your goal and requirements.

Usually, when working with an online personal trainer, your fitness program will be set for two or four weeks at once. This allows you to look ahead and ask any questions about workouts. It is the main advantage if you choose an online personal trainer.

One more advantage here is, you will also get some quick exercises if you are busy with some work or have an office meeting.

Not only the workouts but an online personal trainer also helps you stay motivated throughout the consultation period.

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5. Accountability

Having somebody to give a solution to your doubts, whether online or in-person, will always make you most likely to show up.

How Much Does An Online Personal Trainer Cost In India?

This varies from individual to individual. However, working with an online personal trainer is cheaper and fits your monthly budget. Many factors depend on the price of an individual online personal trainer.

In my view, an online personal trainer in India costs around 2,000 to 4,000 per month, depending on his experience in training people.

Individual trainers like me even charge less to make it more affordable to the people in India.

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How To Find A Perfect Online Personal Trainer In India?

Because you are not meeting a trainer face-to-face, finding the right person might feel like a difficult task for you. Here are a few tips to help you find the right online personal trainer in India.

1. Look at his knowledge.

This is the most important thing many people don’t talk about. Some people even give attention to it. You must look at his knowledge rather than just focusing on his body.

The web is full of health and fitness information. Anyone can copy anything and pretend to be an expert. But the fact is far from reality.

Before finalizing an online personal trainer, please go through all of his/her social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Please take a look at their background on how they train people.

You must be aware of fake fitness trainers and influencers who have a huge body with no knowledge. The sad part is that you will find most fake fitness trainers on YouTube.

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2. Be specific in what you’re trying to find

There are various types of fitness instructors out there who may have multiple specialties and various techniques to fitness like Zumba, strength training specialist, group fitness training, yoga, Endurance, and the list goes on.

Determine what your goals are, and after that, work to find someone who best satisfies your requirements and whose training design you best respond to.

For example, if you’re training for a marathon, you most likely do not want to work with a bodybuilding coach; if Bootcamp isn’t your thing, you probably do not want to work with a push-up enthusiast.

3. Make sure it is an online personal training

Because some trainers sell pre-customized fitness plans online, with this type of training, you will not be benefited as you cannot discuss your problems personally.

Make sure you talk to the person before paying any fee. Also, make sure that the online personal trainer is available throughout the consultation period to solve any doubt that comes in the way.

The Conclusion

In summary, finding a personal trainer is a big commitment, but an online trainer gives you the ability to start today and continue for as long as you need, without any time commitments, start-up fees, or membership fees.

I hope this article (How to find a perfect online personal trainer?) is helpful for you. If you have any doubt, query or suggestion, Feel free to comment or send us a message on social media.

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