Can you lose weight with Zumba dance? 6 Health benefits you must know.

Zumba has become very common nowadays. It is better than regular walking or running. Most of the gyms offer Zumba with their yearly subscription. If you’ve ever watched a Zumba class, you probably have noticed people dancing on the floor. Is that what Zumba is? If not, what is a Zumba dance? Can you lose weight with Zumba dance? Definitely, it is not the one you create the moves on your own to lose weight.

Read on to know what is the zumba dance and how you can lose weight with Zumba dance.

What is the Zumba dance?

what is the zumba dance?

Originally, Zumba is a combination of Latin American dance-salsa, and aerobics performed to music. It is created in 1998, by Colombian dancer Alberto “Beto” Perez. There are several ways to perform Zumba as listed below.

Zumba dance is originally composed of 16 core steps to the 4 basic rhythms (each rhythm has four core steps). As Zumba has aerobic exercises involved in it, it has several health benefits which we will discuss further.

Types of Zumba

Depending on one’s age and fitness level, there are 10 types of Zumba dance. Namely,

1. Zumba gold

If you’re a beginner or an aged person, this type of Zumba training is beneficial for you. It is a low-intensity version of Zumba that meets the needs of seniors. It is an alternative means of reaching their fitness goals.

2. Zumba step

If you want to target your lower body and looking for a fun and alternative way to exercise, then the Zumba step is the one. Zumba step mainly targets the lower body. As a result, it increases cardio and calorie burning.

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3. Zumba toning

If you want to tone your muscles Zumba toning serves you the best. It consists of high-intensity cardio exercises with a little weight in hands infused with Zumba moves.

4. Aqua Zumba

It is a water-based body toning workout. It combines Zumba dance steps in a swimming pool. It may sound fun, but it is really challenging and lets you know your current fitness level. The same moves which are used in the regular Zumba class are used in Aqua Zumba.

lose weight with zumba dance

5. Zumba in the circuit

You probably have heard about circuit training. If not, circuit training is a body conditioning program that consists of a set of exercises to be performed with a minimum or no gap. A circuit implies one complete set of given exercises. Zumba in the circuit is a combination of a circuit with Zumba dance moves.

6. Zumba kids

This is a program specially designed for kids between the ages of 7 to 11. Zumba Kids is specially designed for better body coordination and to improve motor skills in kids.

7. Zumba gold toning

It is a combination of Zumba gold and Zumba toning. It is a toning class for elderly people who wants to improve muscle strength, posture, and mobility.

8. Zumba sentao

It is the chair that included Zumba dance. Zumba sentao combines strength and resistance training. It improves overall cardiovascular health and burns more calories in the process.

9. Strong nation or strong by Zumba

It is the most recent type of Zumba launched in 2016. It combines HIIT with synced music I.e., workouts are performed in a rhythmic manner.

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10. Zumbini

This is specially designed for kids below 4 years of age and their caregivers. This Zumba class has very basic movements kids enjoy while performing.

These types of Zumba dance vary from toddlers to kids to adults and your fitness goals.

health benefit of zumba

6 Health benefits of Zumba dance

It is sure that there are several health benefits of Zumba dance. 6 of them are listed below.

Zumba dance is fun

Yes, Zumba dance is more intense, calorie-burning and also it’s fun. Stretching muscles with the beats of the music always make you feel great. It is the only workout technique in which people from all age groups can enjoy together. No matter how old you are, Zumba has its own kind for you. Just you need to cope up with the music and the Zumba instructor.

Types of Zumba dance

If you are stressed with your work and looking for some fun and also want to be healthy then, Zumba is your option.

It is a full-body workout

Zumba is designed as a combination of dance moves and aerobic exercises. Another advantage of doing Zumba dance is you can with your full body with movements involving neck, shoulders, waist, and legs. Zumba dance does not even let any of the muscle group stay idle. As it is fun doing Zumba, you will be in sync with the music. As a result, You are more likely to lose weight with Zumba dance.

Lose weight with Zumba dance

It is a fact that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Zumba dance serves you the best for this purpose. In just an hour, you are likely to burn 600-1,000 calories. Evidence also shows that people burn more fat and tone their muscles with Zumba. You can feel that in your first class itself and that is more than enough to motivate you.

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Zumba improves heart health

Zumba is a combination of dance moves and aerobic exercises. This form of workouts has an elevated heart rate. Therefore, along with aerobic benefits, it will also help you to maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.

Zumba is a social activity

Unlike conventional resistance training, Zumba is a group activity. It helps you to socialize with people around you and creates a fun environment. Zumba also helps you lower stress and depression.

Zumba improves stamina and endurance

Music played during a Zumba class is fast-paced. You can notice an increase in stamina and endurance moving to the music beat after a few Zumba sessions.

The conclusion

Zumba has become very common nowadays. It involves the combination of dance moves and aerobic exercises. Zumba can be performed in several ways. You can lose weight with Zumba dance. In spite of having several health benefits, it may not be good for you if you have asthma or respiratory problems. You should take some extra care if you have knee pain or any other joints pain.

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