How Music affects Your Performance In The Gym

Music affects Your Performance In The Gym: Some athletes and many people who run, jog, cycle, lift weights, and otherwise, any sort of physical activity put on their headphones and listen to music during exercise. They believe that music affects your performance in the gym. From the last decade, the research on why exercise and music are such an effective pair of one’s fitness goals for so many people as well as how music changes the body and mind during physical exertion has increased considerably.

Music and exercise research proved that listening to music during your workout really does help you perform better. According to the study conducted on 24 men and women by the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise, the participants were asked to perform three 20-second sprints at maximum effort with low-intensity cycling of 2 minutes between each set of sprints. The total time they spent exercising was 10 minutes including a warm-up and a cool down. 

Can Listening To Music Improve Your Performance In The Gym

Participants did this workout three different times. Once while listening to “motivational” music, once while listening to a podcast, and once while listening to nothing at all. Researchers found that when the participants listened to the motivational songs or music, their heart rates, and power output were both higher than when they listened to a podcast or no audio at all. 

And the participants reported enjoying the workout more afterward when they listened to music. According to the researchers, the reason is the combination of psychological and physiological factors. 

Physiologically, there’s a concept called entrainment which refers to the tendency of the brain to synchronize with music. But the psychological factor is big, Music factors like lyrics, tempo, and rhythm come together to evoke emotional responses and helps the person works with the beat.

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How Music affects Your Performance In The Gym

  • Music fuels your workouts and it is essential to peak performance and a satisfying workout.
  • Good music helps you to focus on your workouts rather than staring at others.
  • Music reduces stress and anxiety
  • While listening to music, You’re also exercising your brain. Nearly every known region of the brain works while listening to music.
  • An hour-long Workout flies easily. It is just 15 of your favorite songs (if each one is approximately 4 minutes)
  • Music reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Listening to good music may distract you from normal aches or pains during exercise. But it isn’t a substitute for chronic pain.
  • Good motivational music influence you to run the extra mile or pushes you through extra rep which is very helpful for fat loss and muscle growth.
  • For some people, great lyrics are always motivating.

Which Is The Right Kind Of Music For Your Workouts:

It is true that not everyone is motivated by the same kind of music. According to the research conducted by Matthew Stork, there’s no reason to ditch the song if it is slower than 120 bpm (Beats Per Minute). 

When a song has a strong and steady beat, for instance, you can run and pedal to the beat of that music, which makes you feel satisfied and may inspire you to exercise more. However, it depends on individual preferences. Some people may like listening to podcasts, some may like listening to motivational speech ad some may not like to listen to music at all. 

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However, It’s important to account for individual responses with and without music. While listening to music in the gym has so many benefits until you allow your music to become a distraction. Picking the most effective workout music is not as simple as playing a series of fast beat and high-energy songs. 

If you’re about to do an exercise and trying to find the right song that suits your mood, in the time you’re supposed to be working out, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Make sure you sort your music playlist before you go to the gym, so you can simply switch it on and go, allowing you to focus on what you’re there to do fully.

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