5 of the best calorie counter apps to track calories in Indian foods

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody has become conscious about their own health and wellbeing. Most of the gym goers or anybody, who just wants to be healthy, lag in their diet. Eating healthy is not easy as it sounds. A good way to start eating healthy is by keeping a check on the calories you consume daily. To do that, the best way is to take advantage of the best calorie counter apps.

Read on to know the best calorie counter apps in India.

the best calorie counter apps

First of all, let’s get clear on what a calorie actually is. A calorie is a measurement used to measure the amount of energy in your food. The amount of calories varies in different foods. Some foods have fewer calories and some have more. To make the whole thing easier, it is worth downloading the best calorie counter app in India.

5 of the best calorie counter apps in India

The following are the best calorie counter apps in India.


MyFitnessPal is the well-known calorie counter app out there. When you sign up in this app for the first time, you are asked a few questions like your goal (lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight), your daily activity level, gender, date of birth. You are asked to give your height and current weight to calculate the required daily calories to achieve your goal in a specified amount of time. When you finally arrive at the home page of the app, you’ll find a basic equation that tells you how many calories yet to take in order to reach the daily calorie goal. You can update the food you eat by tapping the plus sign at the bottom right.

myfitnesspal app

A Barcode scanner is also available in MyFitnessPal, which helps to get nutritional information about packed foods. However, some foods may not be available. This app has a database of over 6 million Indian foods. To your surprise, you can also add nutritional information for your homemade recipes and that’s the added feature to this app. You can even choose asked to notify you accordingly. This app is compatible with all fitness gadgets.

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You can use this app to calculate calories for free. To get a specialized diet plan you need to get a subscription.


Whether you are a fitness freak or somebody who is desperately looking to shed some pounds of weight HealthifyMe is good to go choice. HealthifyMe is an Indian digital health and wellness platform with over 1,00,000 Indian food databases. It is the best calorie calculator app in India. It calculates Indian foods more accurately than any other calorie counter apps in India. In the very beginning, you are asked few questions such as height, weight, and activity level in order to provide the required calories for your goal. This app allows you to calculate calories and track your progress. It syncs with Google fit and other calorie tracking equipment to track the steps and also allows sleep monitoring.

HealthifyMe calorie counter app

HealthifyMe comes in both free and premium versions. The free version allows you to use all the features in-app. The premium version helps you prepare a customized diet plan and exercise schedule.


It is another best calorie counter apps in India. Like all the best calorie counter apps in the market, this app has both free and premium versions. Like all the other calorie counter apps, this app also asks you for some basic details like your goal (weight loss, build muscle, or maintain weight), height, weight, and your daily activity level to calculate the required calories per day. Like the MyFitnessPal, you can add your food intake by tapping the plus sign at the bottom right corner.

YAZIO calorie counter

The Indian food database of Yazio is a little less compared to MyFitnessPal and HealthifyMe but you can find most of the Indian foods. You can observe only a limited number of features for a free user. Intermittent fasting is the salient feature of Yazio but that comes with the pro membership. Unlike other health sites, Yazio provides free online web calculators to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), Ideal Body Weight, and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

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Like MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary has a barcode scanner to scan foods and has an alarm that notifies you accordingly. They have more than 9,80,000 foods in their database. MyNetDiary stands out in the list as it has a community forum that gives you the chance to speak with fellow users in sharing tips, motivation, and recipe ideas. It also allows you to go with all types of diets like keto, low carb, vegan, etc. which is another salient feature. This app is more pleasing than any other apps with a beautiful interface and nice animations.

MyNetDiary calorie counter

Lose It!

Unlike other calorie counter apps, when you open Lose It for the first time, it collects a lot of information like your previous experience toward your goal, the strategy you have followed, your frequency of workouts, etc… Like other best calorie counter apps, you can enter the food you eat throughout the day and the exercise you do. You can find the nutrient breakdown of each food which of the salient feature of this app. This app is more suitable for people whose main goal is to lose weight and shed some fat. This app also has an online community forum that helps you to stay motivated in achieving your goal.

Lose It calorie counter

Which is the best calorie counter app?

Each app has its own specification. All the best calorie counter apps mentioned in this blog or anywhere else, are used for the same purpose, to count calories from the daily foods you eat. Personally, I like HealthifyMe and MyNetDiary because HealthifyMe is made in India and is more accurate especially for Indian foods and interference of MyNetDaily is eye-catching. Different type of diets has different macros splits (the proportions of carbs, fats, and protein varies). MyNetDiary helps me in following different diets with proper macros split. Please note a fact that, no calorie counter app is 100% accurate.

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The conclusion

When it comes to personal health and fitness, counting the calories you eat is important. It decides your weight. All the best calorie counters serve the same. Most of the calorie counter apps have premium versions. It offers you a customized diet plan with proper nutrition and a workout plan. If your purpose is to count calories, you can rely on the free version of the app. Now you know about the best calorie counting apps, you can go and eat without worrying about the extra calories you probably eat.

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