6 Fat loss tips you need to know

6 Fat loss tips: Fatloss has been a hot topic in recent years. If you’re reading this in the hope of finding a series of fat loss tips, then you are in the right place. Body fat is often considered bad, but it serves an important purpose. Your body stores the fat from the foods you eat and that can be used for energy, insulation, and protection. 

Everyone needs some body fat to live and organ functioning. When too much body fat accumulates, it can lead to obesity and obesity-related diseases, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Bodyfat Recommendations

The essential body fat would be 5-6% for a man, and 12-15% for a woman(Approximately double than men). Going beyond the essential body fat limit is as dangerous as having too much. 12-15% bodyfat in men and 22-25% body fat in women is considered normal.  

Fatloss is an eminently achievable one, but it takes a fair bit of commitment. There are no shortcuts to shedding your body fat, but the benefits of doing so are enormous. Conventional approaches say to eat less or starve yourself but that’s not true for your health. 

Why is reducing bodyfat a good idea?

people who have a very high percentage of body fat are more at risk of things like metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Many studies have shown that reducing bodyfat has tremendous benefits and that can be an even better indication of whether you’re getting fitter.

6 Fat Loss Tips

Some benefits of losing fat:

  • Decreased risk of diabetes.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Improved cholesterol levels.
  • Decreased risk of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Decreased joint pain.
  • Improved blood sugar levels.
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How to measure your body fat percentage?

Now you have different methods to estimate your body fat percentage but the simplest way is using tape. You can use the regular tape used in households. It is the basic way to measure body fat. 

If you’re a man, measure the circumference of your neck and abdomen in inches. To calculate body fat percentage, subtract your neck measurement from your abdomen measurement value to work out your circumference value.

If you’re a lady, you ought to record a measurement of the circumference of your neck, natural waist, and hips in inches.

Tips to lose fat

To calculate body fat percentage, add your waist and hip measurements, then subtract the neck measurement to work out your circumference value. For instance, if your waist is 32, your hips are 36, and your neck is 13, your circumference value would be 55. Along with this, you need to know your height in inches and simply use the below table to get your body fat percentage. Remember to measure at the widest areas twice and make an average of it.

You can simply use an online body fat calculator. But this method isn’t necessarily the most accurate. There’s a lot of room for error when measuring yourself. DEXA / DXA Scan is widely considered as one of the most accurate ways to calculate your body fat percentage.

How to lose fat without losing muscle

Now, this is the tricky part. However, you’ll lose weight either you lose fat or muscle. Losing fat along with muscle has a negative impact. there is an enormous difference between fat loss and weight loss. Studies have shown that having muscle mass helps you burn fat faster.

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6 Fat Loss Tips You Need To Know

1. Start strength training:

The first one among fat loss tips is to start strength training. It is a type of exercise where you require to contract your muscle against resistance. Researches have shown that strength training has multiple benefits when it comes to fat loss. Generally, strength training involves lifting weight to gain muscle over time as a result it helps in losing fat too.

2. High protein diet:

No matter whether you want to fat lose, weight gain, build muscle, and endurance. High protein healthy diets are an effective way to reduce your appetite and burn more fat. Quality Protein is associated with a lower risk of belly fat accumulation. It can help preserve muscle mass and alters metabolism. Try incorporating a minimum of 30 grams of protein in your big meals.

3. Eat more healthy fats

This is the main part most people avoid during their fat loss journey. Increasing the intake of healthy fats may actually help you maintain feelings of fullness. Fats take more time to digest than proteins and carbohydrates and so it takes more time to empty the stomach. As a result, you may not feel hunger fastly.

4. Avoid sugars

Sugar is a major culprit in weight gain. It contains calories, but no vitamins, minerals, or anything else that’s good for you. Excess sugar consumption leads to a rise in obesity levels.

1 pound of fat is adequate for 3,500 calories. The unwanted calories from sugars add up and increase fat over time. Cutting sugar aids you in fat loss. Honey is a healthy replacement.

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5. Drink coffee

If you are serious about your Fatloss goal, you might have come across fat burning supplements. Caffeine is the primary ingredient in fat burners. The caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, increases metabolism, and boosts the breakdown of fatty acids. 

Caffeine intake temporarily increases energy expenditure and enhance metabolism by 3–11%. It is a good pre-workout.

6. Try HIIT routines

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a type of high-intensity workouts where you can burn more calories in less time. One study showed that HIIT burns up to 30 percent more calories than doing other forms of cardio for the same amount of time.

Ready to give it a try?  On your next workout session, try alternating exercises for a time of  30 seconds with 10 seconds rest between them.

The conclusion

Whether it is fat loss, weight gain, or whatever fitness goal you may have. You need to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Try these steps out and get yourself transformed.

I hope this article(6 Fat loss tips) is helpful for you.

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