How many eggs you can eat per day?

How Many Eggs You Can Eat Per Day? Read this article to know about it.

Eggs are one of nature’s nearly perfect protein foods and have other high-quality nutrients and low in calories. And they are considered to be the most nutritious foods on the planet. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, lose weight, or generally healthier, eggs can play an important role in your balanced diet.

There are different types of eggs available such as chicken, turkey, geese, duck, quail. Among those chicken eggs are most common and convenient and relatively cheaper.

One large egg has 18 essential vitamins and minerals based on hen diet, age, strain as well as environmental factors and that are essential for various vital metabolic processes in the body as well as normal cell function, growth, and energy production. In spite of immense health benefits, in recent years Eggs are being involved in several controversies.

Eggs and cholesterol

Eggs are one of the natural and wholesome foods available on earth. It is being consumed by the evolution of mankind. Eggs are a controversial food for nutritional experts and some health care professionals. A whole egg contains all the nutrients required to turn it into an entire chicken.

For the past 50 years, eggs have got a bad reputation because of the saturated fat content (about 3g/100 g) and cholesterol content (about 200 – 300 mg/100g). 
Due to these claims, the most nutritious part of the egg(The YOLK) is almost eliminated.

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Cholesterol is considered to have negative effects because some studies linked high cholesterol levels to cardiovascular diseases. And that claim is half correct. High cholesterol levels in the blood have negative effects. In fact, cholesterol plays a very important function in your body. It is very essential to every cell membrane. Cholesterol is also used in making steroid hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. 

In 1982, a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has claimed that there is no relation between egg consumption and cardiovascular diseases. And some other studies proved that egg consumption does not have any effect on blood cholesterol level. It is proved that the cholesterol in eggs is dietary cholesterol and it is not related to blood cholesterol.

How Many Eggs You Can Eat Per Day?

General recommendations on egg consumption were removed. There is no limit on the number of eggs per day because the cholesterol in the egg does not raise blood cholesterol levels. 

You can have 6 or more whole eggs per day. 6 is because a maximum number of studies are made on 6 whole egg consumption per day. Please remember the articles on egg consumption you see on the internet are not the latest ones.

White eggs vs brown eggs

Nowadays, some words are associated with health like brown, herbal, natural and the list goes on. There is no link between the color of an egg and its nutrition value. Some claim that brown eggs are tastier than white ones.

How Many Eggs You Can Eat Per Day

The taste of the egg depends on the age of the egg, hen feed, and environmental conditions. The color of the egg depends on the hen breed. Some chicken lays brown eggs, some lay white and some may lay even blue and green eggs. One should not choose eggs based on color. Instead, consider organic, free-range, and enriched eggs. 

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The conclusion

Whole eggs are 100% safe for your body even if you are suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol issues. People are much worried about the fat in eggs. Remember, the fats from a single food source doesn’t matter unless and until it exceeds the daily limit.

Egg consumption does not raise your blood cholesterol level. Studies have proved that there is no relation between whole eggs and heart diseases. The cholesterol in eggs is dietary cholesterol, not blood cholesterol.

I hope this article(How many eggs you can eat per day) is helpful for you.

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